Solar Power System Design

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A proudly South African company of qualified and experienced engineers and systems designers, specialising in a wide range of commercial, residential and public sector Solar Power System Design projects.

We constantly scan the market for the most economical products that offer the best performance. We understand the pros & cons of each brand’s offering and use this knowledge to build tailored solutions that suit specific needs.


The core of the planning stage is meeting with you to identify your energy requirements and your main goals; whether you want back up power during loadshedding outages or your main aim is to reduce Eskom bills. Once we know what it is you want, we install a power monitoring module onto your electrical board to log your typical 7-day usage patterns. We need to know when your peak hours are as this affects the type of system you require.


Once we have your peak demand data we design a tailor made solution for you and choose the best brands for your budget. We have hand-picked the brands that offer the best performance vs. price. When deciding which brands to partner with we also investigate the distributor importing those brands. We find out whether they offer excellent backup service, carry sufficient spares and offer a countrywide support system. We believe the product is only as good as the companies behind the brands supporting them.


Every process of the design is meticulously thought through. We have been in the game long enough to have learnt hindsight. We know which systems don’t work, we would rather spend a little extra on the mounting hardware & cable junctions than cut corners.

It is our goal to build systems that last for the product’s expected life span vs. poor installations which shorten the products’ lifespan.

Project Management

All our solar power installations are designed and managed by qualified engineers and signed off by experienced specialists to ensure all standards are adhered to. We know that if the chosen products are not installed properly the product will not perform to spec. We take this high-level accountability very seriously. Our team on the ground keep you informed during each step of the installation, from inception to final activation. We do not cut corners, which is evidenced by the swift issuing of compliance certificates and the successful completion of the SSEG applications.

Thermal Scanning

Once our installations are done, we will run a thermal scan of the solar panels and solar panel wiring. This service is FREE, included as a value service for all new solar power installations.

We’ll also offer thermal scanning as a service on existing systems**. We look for heat variance in solar panels which indicates dead cells or possible shading. We also look for hot spots in the cabling to identify poor connections. Poor connections are a fire risk. Once identified, we will work with you to design a remedy.
** Contact us for scanning service fee of existing installations, and to arrange an inspection.

Solar Power System Design

Full Turnkey Solution

  • End To End Project Management

  • We Measure Your Peak Demand

  • Solar Power System Design

  • Financing
  • Installation
  • Compliance Certifications

  • SSEG Applications

  • After Sales Service
  • Remote System Monitoring

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To measure your peak demand, we will install a logger on your mains electrical board for 7 days. We charge R1500 ex vat for this service to cover transport and time costs; but we credit this amount against any product or system you buy from us after the test. Contact us to set this up.

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