Solar Power Solutions

First Energy Solar Solutions

Learn more about our solar power solutions in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria, including equipment and costs. We specialise in high-end commercial and residential systems. Find out what equipment we use and why. If you want to know what our customers say, view our Google reviews here.

Hybrid Solar Power
Power options

Each has a different focus, or outcome, so you must be clear on your main goals in order to know what solution is right for you.

Fox ESS H3 Pro 30kW

Choosing the right solar generation and storage brand is crucial for a reliable and efficient renewable energy system.

Solar Power financing

We will help you work out your unique energy requirement, based on both your peak usage and the solar power options you prefer.

Budget for solar
Re-payment options

Compare our rent-to-own solar power finance packages to find a solution to suit your electricity needs and your budget.

First Energy Inverters
Solar components

Our aim is to teach you, then partner with you, to achieve your electricity goals. Let us walk you through the basics of back up solar power.

Solar panels

Solar Panel Safety: glass on-glass solar panels are much more resistant to fire than their traditional laminated or plastic back sheet counterparts.

pure sine inverter and modified sine inverter

Pure sine or modified sine inverter? Both types of inverters will provide power to AC appliances, however, pure sine is high quality.


High voltage vs Low voltage batteries. Did you know cheaper inverters make you spend more on electricity each month? Why?

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