Solar Power Services

First Energy Solar Solutions

Our solar power services include sourcing high-performance solar panels, advanced solar power systems, skilled installation, and a full range of solar products. We offer custom solutions for all needs, ensuring efficient and cost-effective energy. Let us help you achieve your solar goals with our expertise.


We know that large-scale investments require accurate and reliable financial viability studies. We assist with SARS incentives.

Solar Power residential

We measure your peak demand, design your unique solar power solution and install only the best quality components.

Solar Power Commercial
System Design

We understand the pros & cons of each brand’s offering and use this knowledge to build tailored solutions that suit specific needs.

Financing solar power

We bring you an affordable rent to own solar power financing product that will help you power up without delay.


The steps for solar PV installation follow an important process to ensure safety, compliance, and efficiency.

Thermal scanning of solar panels
Thermal Scanning

We offer a free thermal scan of the solar panels, solar panel wiring and roof inspections for all new installations completed by our team.


Every installation we do requires your original Certificate of Compliance (COC) and on completion, you will be issued a new COC.


You are required to apply for authorisation from the City if you intend installing an embedded generation system such as a rooftop solar PV.

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