Solar Power Installation

First Energy Solar Solutions

The steps for solar PV installation follow an important process to ensure safety, compliance, and efficiency.

Initial Assessment and Feasibility Study:
Our solar installation services include evaluating the location for solar potential, and considering factors like solar irradiance, shading, and available space.
We will assess the energy consumption patterns of the property to determine the appropriate system size.

Design and System Sizing:
Based on our assessments, we will design your solar PV system, determining the optimal system size, panel type and quantity, inverter capacity, cabling, and mounting structure.

Proposal and Quote Approval:
We work with you and your own data to design a system that suits both your requirement and your budget.
Upon acceptance of the quote, you pay the required deposit, and we compile your installation plan and timeline.

Procurement of Equipment:
We will procure your high-quality solar panels, inverters, batteries, mounting structures, and other necessary components from our reputable brand partners.

Project Management:
For the duration of the installation our team will keep you informed every step of the way. Installation days and other timelines are adhered to and next steps are explained.

With our solar installation service, our qualified and accredited solar PV installers will carry out the installation.
When mounting the solar panels on the rooftop, we ensure proper orientation and tilt angle for maximum sunlight exposure.
We will then install the inverter, backup batteries and connect it to the electrical system.

Electrical Connection:
Connecting the solar PV system to the property’s electrical distribution board is carried out by senior technical staff. They will ensure that the system is integrated correctly with the existing electrical infrastructure.

Commissioning and Testing:
A thorough inspection and testing of the entire solar PV system is carried out by our chief technical officer. He will verify that the system is functioning correctly and safely.
Only after this step is completed will the system go online.

Final Documentation and Compliance:
We will ensure you have your new Compliance Certificate issued. If you have selected the service from us, we will also process your SSEG application.

Monitoring and Maintenance:
We have remote monitoring of your system and will be notified immediately if there are any issues. You will also be given access via a phone app to check your battery levels and power usage.