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At First Energy Solar Solutions, we offer flexible financing options for both high-end commercial and residential solar installations, ensuring that transitioning to solar power is convenient and affordable for all. With our innovative rent-to-own financing product, you can access the benefits of solar energy without the burden of upfront costs.

Financing solar power

We bring you an affordable rent to own solar power financing product that will help you power up without delay.


A Power Purchase Agreement is a financial arrangement that allows businesses and individuals to benefit from solar energy.

Solar Power financing
Cost calculator

We will help you work out your unique energy requirement, based on both your peak usage and the solar power options you prefer.

Budget for solar
Re-payment options

Compare our rent-to-own solar power finance packages to find a solution to suit your electricity needs and your budget.

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Business Tax

The government proposes this programme to encourage households to invest in clean electricity generation capacity to supplement the electricity supply.


This is an important note from insurance brokers for those who choose not to register their Inverter/solar system with the COCT by following the SSEG application process.

Cape Town introduces a more affordable meter
Cash for power

Customers with authorised grid-tied SSEG systems will automatically earn credits on their electricity and rates accounts by selling power back to the City.

SARS 12L Tax Allowance Energy Incentive Calculator
SARS calculator

Learn how much your business can save with the SARS incentives. This sort of incentive makes investing in clean energy for your business a worthwhile financial decision.

Eskom feed in calculator
Eskom feed in calculator

Use this Eskom feed-in calculator to work out how much money you can save by feeding excess power back into the grid.

pure sine inverter
Home battery backup

This calculator will determine what size battery backup system you need for your electricity demand at home

Home solar system

Use this questionnaire to estimate the cost of your solar power back up using solar panels, battery backup & an inverter.

DIY - Portable Camping solar-kit
DIY Solar Calculator

Installing a DIY solar power system can be a rewarding project that allows you to take control of your energy usage.

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