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Revolutionising the way we generate, use and store energy! With Sunsynk, you can be confident that our range of solar storage solutions cater to your specific needs – whether you need a large-scale installation or you’re an individual home-owner, we’re here for you.

Sunsynk Inverter and Battery Storage

Sunsynk Inverter and Battery Storage

We are confident that the global environment is moving closer and closer to renewable power sources, and Sunsynk products are in perfect alignment to grow exponentially in the years ahead.

We will lead the charge in changes coming to the world’s power management and power storage. As you fund, distribute or install Sunsynk products, we thank you for becoming part of the Sunsynk story and continuing to build a proven multinational that is transforming power management in the world today.

Whether you’re already equipped with solar panels or not, Sunsynk offers a seamless integration solution with our Bi-Directional Inverter. It effortlessly incorporates into existing solar panel setups or connects directly to your solar panels. During sunny hours, surplus power is intelligently directed to charge your battery, enhancing energy storage capabilities.

Sunsynks Bi-directional Inverter
Sunsynk introduces a groundbreaking innovation with its Bi-directional Inverter. Collaborating with our partners, we’ve pioneered a new category of inverters designed to seamlessly link your battery and mains AC connection. This unique device empowers you to efficiently charge your storage battery during the daytime when AC power rates are economical. By capturing and storing excess power not currently in use, you can tap into these reserves during the evenings when energy prices typically surge. Complementing this advanced inverter is an inclusive CT coil, a specialized device that accurately detects any unexported power, ensuring it doesn’t feed back into the mains.

What if I already have solar panels?
Having solar panels is advantageous, but it’s not a prerequisite. You have the flexibility to directly connect the energy generated by solar panels to the inverter or seamlessly integrate our inverter with an existing system. When the sun is at its peak, any surplus power that remains unused is directed towards charging your battery. Without a reliable battery storage system, you might find yourself selling excess electricity during the daytime at a relatively low rate per kilowatt-hour. However, in the evening, the scenario could reverse, leading you to repurchase power from the electricity company at a significantly higher cost, often more than 20 times the daytime selling price.

What are Solar Batteries
Solar batteries, alternatively referred to as storage batteries, offer an often-overlooked opportunity to save money. Contrary to common belief, you don’t necessarily need solar panels to benefit from these devices.

In essence, a battery functions as an electricity storage unit, comparable to the way you charge your mobile phone. Much like plugging in your phone overnight to ensure it operates throughout the day without being tethered to the mains, solar batteries operate similarly to power your household essentials. They store electricity during periods of abundance, allowing you to utilize it when needed, even if solar panels aren’t part of the equation.

Key considerations for choosing a Sunsynk battery:

1. Power Rating and Depth of Discharge: Sunsynk batteries, utilizing lithium phosphate, are sold in 5.2KWH building blocks, accommodating the storage and release of 5.2kW hours of power. Larger KWH ratings indicate bigger battery systems.

2. Battery Size Customization: Select the battery size based on your monthly power consumption and the size of your solar array. In the UK, a popular setup begins with a single 5.2KWH battery, offering the flexibility to add more batteries as needed.

3. Battery Life and Quality* Opt for high-quality batteries to maximize longevity. Sunsynk employs CATL battery cells, used by leading automotive brands like Tesla and BMW, ensuring efficiency and durability.

4. C Rating for Power Management: Consider the C rating, indicating the maximum power for charging and discharging. Sunsynk batteries boast a C rating of 0.5.

5. Versatile Installation: Sunsynk batteries can be placed in a cabinet, wall-mounted side-by-side, or floor-mounted. The heavy cables connecting the battery to the inverter manage significant current flow, five times that of the inverter’s energy output.

6. Battery Management System (BMS): All batteries feature onboard computers communicating with the inverter through a Battery Management System. Compatibility with the inverter is crucial for proper system functionality.

Here are the top reasons to choose Sunsynk Inverter and Battery Storage:

  • It is a Bi-directional Inverter that can convert direct current into alternating current and alternating current into direct current. Therefore we can charge or discharge batteries at the same rated power.
  • It has MPPT [Maximum Peak Power Tracking] that allows the inverter to handle a solar array up to twice its size. For example, a 3.6kW Bi-directional Inverter has a 7.2kW MPPT, which allows it to connect to a solar array of 7kW.
  • It can divert excess power to your hot-water appliance automatically by power-shaving.
  • Unique Information Screen design. This allows the user a clear understanding of solar power production, battery charge status, the discharge of power and grid power consumption.
  • The system can operate both in On-Grid and Off-Grid modes. It can also be set as an Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS) where the inverter is combined with battery storage and connected to the main domestic power circuit via the LOAD output and can be programmed to provide power when the mains power is cut or there is insufficient power. This ensures your essential appliances remain with power.
    More than one inverter can be set in parallel to form larger systems. When inverters are connected in parallel their power output expands and their reliability improves. System redundancy also improves.

Explore the potential with Sunsynk Inverter and Battery Storage, whether you’re already harnessing solar power or starting anew. Select the right battery size, opt for versatile installation, and benefit from our innovative technology for efficient energy utilization in your home.

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