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Fox ESS H3 Pro 30kW

Introducing the groundbreaking Fox ESS H3 Pro 30kW. A 3-phase hybrid inverter with an extended power output range of 10kW to 30kW. This inverter also allows for the option of parallel installation, allowing for scalability up to an impressive 300kW maximum output.

This model is particularly well suited for small to medium-sized commercial enterprises seeking robust, expandable battery storage solutions, covering a system size range of 10kW to 300kW it can fulfil the needs of over 70% of commercial businesses.

The Fox ESS H3 Pro 30kW features a compact design that optimises power density and integrates maximum power point trackers providing the utmost flexibility and system design.

Fox ESS H3 Pro 30kW Three-Phase Hybrid /AC Inverter

The H3 Pro series is an evolution of the successful H3 series and provides energy independence from 10-30 kW. Here are some key features of the H3 Pro series:


  • Power Output: The H3 Pro series is available in power classes ranging from 10 to 30 kW.
  • MPPTs: The H3 Pro series features 3 Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPTs) for diverse solar-oriented rooftops.
  • DC Inputs: The inverters have high-current DC inputs.
  • Integration: The H3 Pro series is designed to integrate with smart homes and Fox ESS energy management systems.
  • Battery Inputs: The inverters offer a maximum of two battery inputs (2 Ports)* and a vast selection of battery options, enabling customers to expand their capacities up to 66 kWh each by adding 2 stacks of 1 master and 6 slaves ECS batteries.
  • Parallel Configuration: In industrial/commercial mode, several H3 Pro inverters can be configured in parallel, creating a battery system with a maximum capacity of 660 kWh.
  • Emergency Power Supply: The inverters are equipped with a built-in emergency power supply, allowing them to establish an independent grid for emergency power supply within 20ms or less during a blackout or grid disconnection.
  • Plug-and-Play: The H3 Pro series is an easy plug-and-play solution and fits perfectly with Fox ESS high voltage batteries-lines ECS 2800/2900/4100/4300/4800, as well as MIRA and HV 2600 batteries.
  • Communication Options: This series inverter is available with multiple communication options such as WiFi, GPRS, RS485, and Meter with an external device. Operating information like output voltage, current, frequency, fault information, etc. can be monitored locally or remotely via these interfaces.

Overall, the H3 Pro series is a versatile and powerful solution for those looking to achieve energy independence and integrate renewable energy into their homes or businesses.

* Only 25kW+ models have the dual battery ports.

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Easily expand your system by just add extra batteries. There are two battery series you can choose, which enables a storage capacity of up to 66 kWh. There are Max. 10 storage inverters can be connected in parallel to allow you to enlarge the system scale base on different installation requirement

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