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You are required to apply for authorisation from the City if you intend installing an embedded generation system such as a rooftop solar PV. 

PENALTIES: Registered systems will be cross-checked with aerial photographs which COCT use to identify the existence of all PV systems. Unauthorised embedded generation systems must be authorised or decommissioned, and a service fee will be charged.

The purpose of this page is to help you understand the order in which municipal applications need to follow and what the council requires from you before you may install a solar system that connects to Eskom’s grid and why.


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  1. By law, we are obligated to apply for a new or modified electricity supply service, before we install the system, download the COCT’s application form here to apply for permission to install a solar system that connects to Eskom’s grid. The reason we need to apply is to ensure that the equipment you are using won’t feed power back into the grid during outages, as this endangers the workers who operate on the electrical lines. Application-for-a-New-or-modified-electricity-supply-service.pdf
  2. Learn what the classification is of a SSEG and what is required to become a SSEG (Small scale embedded generator) in this pdf – Requirements-for-Small-Scale-Embedded-Generation.pdf.
  3. Once the above processes have been attended to you may apply to become a SSEG, here is the application form – Application-for-Small-Scale-Embedded-Generation.pdf

The CoCT’s website has an abundance of relative information as well as the various forms required. Matters pertaining to things of a technical nature will be addressed by the SCP section who process the application.

Register solar PV / SSEG systems – City of Cape Town

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You must apply for authorisation with the City of Cape Town, before installing your solar PV system.

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