Registering Your Solar System At Your
Local Municipality

First Energy Solar Solutions

An installed solar system needs to be registered with your local municipality.

All Grid-Tied systems must be registered, including any hybrid inverter that is only being used as a battery backup. This is because the battery is considered a source of power.

We offer a full turnkey solution on all of our systems, should you not want to stand in the lines and deal with the municipality and their forms and procedures.

Here are more details on the procedures:

This user guide is aimed at SSEG-related service providers, such as SSEG installers and electrical contractors, as well as property owners who would like to submit SSEG applications for authorisation on properties within the City of Cape Town’s electrical supply area. It also guides ECSA registered professionals who provide sign off on SSEG installations.

SSEG refers to Small-scale Embedded Generation such as rooftop solar PV and battery systems. The aim of this new e-Service-based SSEG application platform is to improve the process of obtaining authorisation for SSEG installations. Benefits of using this system will be to:

• reduce turnaround times for faster authorisations;
• increase transparency on an application’s progress and status;
• automate the issuing of Permission to Install letters for certain application types.

Please make sure you have read the Requirements for SSEG before submitting an application. If you have any issues or queries regarding the online SSEG application process using Energy Services Applications, please contact

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  • Financing
  • Installation
  • Compliance Certifications

  • SSEG Applications

  • After Sales Service
  • Remote System Monitoring

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