Solar Power for The Gary Kirsten Foundation – 8kW Grid-Tied

Congratulations to First Energy Solar Solutions for the successful installation of an 8 kW grid-tied solar system at The Gary Kirsten Foundation in the Western Cape! The utilization of a Glass on Glass solar panel system, consisting of 10 panels with a total capacity of 540 watts each, connected to a single 8 kW grid-tied inverter, is a noteworthy achievement in the realm of sustainable energy.

The projected annual production of 9,137 kWh is a substantial contribution to renewable energy, and it’s fantastic to see a commitment to reducing the client’s annual carbon emissions by over 4 tons. This installation not only promotes environmental responsibility but also serves as a positive example of how organizations like The Gary Kirsten Foundation can make a significant impact by harnessing the power of the sun.

Witnessing such initiatives is truly inspiring, as they highlight the potential for widespread adoption of clean energy solutions. Kudos to The Gary Kirsten Foundation for embracing solar power, and to First Energy Solar Solutions for their role in making this project a success!


Gary Kirsten First Energy

Solar power installation details:

Solar Power Brands: Fox ESS

Solar Power Category: Residential

Solar Power Option: Hybrid Solar Power

Solar Power Size: 8kW Solar Power

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