Solar Power for Industrial Business – 430kW Commercial Solar Solution

Update: 18 months after the installation,

This customer saved R1 000 000 in electricity usage. This confirms their ROI is on track of < 4 Years.

To date, they have generated 430MWh.


Exciting News!

First Energy achieves a milestone with the Western Cape’s 430 kW Grid-Tied Solar Installation.

Our latest project features a cutting-edge Glass on Glass panel system, boasting 773 panels at 540 watts each, linked to three 100 kW grid-tied inverters.

Expected to produce over 320 MWh annually, this initiative will slash the client’s carbon footprint by 289 tons yearly, demonstrating a strong commitment to sustainability.

Witnessing this Industrial Business embrace solar power is truly inspiring!

Solar power installation details:

Solar Power Brands: Goodwe

Solar Power Category: Industrial

Solar Power Option: Grid Tie Solution

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