Solar Power for Hout Bay – 10.5kW Grid-tied Residential Solar Solution

First Energy Solar Solutions has achieved a significant milestone by completing the installation of a 10.5 kW grid-tied solar system in Hout Bay, located in the Western Cape. This impressive solar installation features a Glass on Glass solar panel system, which includes 30 solar panels, each with a capacity of 540 watts. These panels are connected to a single 10.5 kW grid-tied inverter.

This solar system is projected to generate a minimum of 27,410 kilowatt-hours per year. The environmental impact is substantial, as it will reduce the client’s annual carbon emissions by more than 11 tons.

It’s truly inspiring to witness Hout Bay harnessing the power of the sun, taking important steps toward a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future.

Solar power installation details:

Solar Power Brands: Fox ESS

Solar Power Category: Residential

Solar Power Option: Hybrid Solar Power

Solar Power Size: 10.5kW Solar Power

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