Solar Power for Bishops Court – 360 kW grid-tie residential solar solution

First Energy Solar Solutions is excited to announce the successful completion of a remarkable solar project in the heart of the Western Cape. Situated in Bishop’s Court, our team has expertly installed a robust 360 kW grid-tie solar system, representing a significant step towards a sustainable future. This impressive solar panel array comprises 119 top-of-the-line 545-watt solar panels, seamlessly integrated with four 90 kW grid-tied inverters. Together, they’re poised to generate an estimated 109,735 kW/hours of clean energy each year.

Beyond the impressive energy production, this project is an environmental triumph, reducing our client’s annual carbon emissions by over 45 tons. It’s inspiring to see this Bishop’s Court home embracing the boundless power of the sun. With this eco-friendly installation, not only will they enjoy substantial energy savings, but they’re also taking meaningful steps toward reducing their carbon footprint and contributing to a more sustainable planet. It’s a shining example of how solar energy can drive positive change, one installation at a time.

Solar power installation details:

Solar Power Brands:

Solar Power Category: Residential

Solar Power Option: Grid Tie Solution

Solar Power Size: 90kW Solar Power


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