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Expert design and implementation of commercial solar power solutions is the cornerstone of our business. We know that large-scale investments require accurate and reliable financial viability studies. As part of our technical proposal we use specialised data analysis tools to clearly show you your projected energy costs based on your own data. We design bespoke systems for you and use that design in our financial analysis tool to work out your payback period, NPV and your ROI along with your environmental impact. We work with you to design a solution that works for you. In addition, we can help you with SARS Tax Incentives for your business, and we can assist with financing.

We partner with you to develop the power you need to run your business effectively and profitably.

Each commercial space is unique with its own usage requirements and power needs. Every process of the design is meticulously thought through. We have been in the game long enough to know which systems work and which don’t work. We would rather spend a little extra on the mounting hardware & cable junctions than cut corners.

It is our goal to build systems that last for the product’s expected life span vs. poor installations which shorten the products’ lifespan.

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All solar power installations are managed by qualified engineers and signed off by experienced specialists. This ensures all standards are adhered to, which in turn produces seamless issuing of compliance certificates and municipal applications.

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Value Add Services

The Vodacom Century City fire highlights fire safety for PV systems. In light of this public incident First Energy Solar Solutions have invested in a thermal drone. Once our installations are done, we will run a thermal scan of the solar panels and solar panel wiring. This service is FREE, included as a value service for all new solar power installations. Learn more.

Clean Energy Tax Incentive Businesses: SARS have announced the expansion of the renewable energy tax incentive. The tax incentive is available for businesses to promote renewable energy will be temporarily expanded to encourage rapid private investment to alleviate the energy crisis. Learn more.

Embrace Sustainability, Reduce Costs, and Amplify Your Brand’s Impact

Embracing commercial solar power in South Africa presents a host of compelling advantages. We are blessed with abundant sunshine throughout the year, making solar energy an excellent and sustainable alternative to traditional power sources. By harnessing the sun’s rays with solar panels, your business can significantly reduce its reliance on fossil fuels, leading to substantial carbon emissions reduction and contributing to the country’s environmental goals.

In addition to promoting a greener image, commercial solar power can offer substantial financial benefits. With the rising cost of electricity in South Africa, solar energy provides businesses with a stable and predictable source of power, shielding them from volatile energy prices and reducing operational costs in the long run. The integration of solar power systems can also enhance energy independence, particularly in areas with unreliable grid infrastructure, ensuring continuous and reliable electricity supply. By embracing solar power, South African businesses can bolster their sustainability efforts, improve financial viability, and contribute to the nation’s energy security.

For business enquiries in the Eastern & Western Cape call our office on 021 137 3126

To measure your peak demand, we will install a logger on your mains electrical board for 7 days. We charge R1500 ex vat for this service to cover transport and time costs; but we credit this amount against any product or system you buy from us after the test. Contact us to set this up.

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