Certificate of Compliance: COC

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Every installation we do requires your original COC and on completion, you will be issued a new COC.

A Certificate of Compliance (COC), often referred to as an Electrical Certificate of Compliance (ECOC), is a legal document issued by a registered and qualified electrician. It certifies that the electrical installation in a property complies with the safety standards and regulations outlined in the South African National Standards (SANS 10142-1).

Here are the key points to understand about the Certificate of Compliance (COC) in South Africa:

1. Purpose:
The primary purpose of the COC is to ensure the safety of electrical installations in a property. It confirms that the electrical work has been carried out by a qualified electrician and meets the required standards.

2. Legal Requirement:
In South Africa, a valid Certificate of Compliance is legally required when selling a property, transferring ownership, or when connecting a new electrical installation to the grid for the first time. Additionally, some insurance companies may require a valid COC as a condition for coverage.

3. Inspection and Testing:
To issue a Certificate of Compliance, a qualified electrician must inspect the entire electrical system of the property, including wiring, distribution boards, switches, sockets, and any electrical devices. They will also conduct various tests to ensure the system’s safety and functionality.

4. Validity Period:
The COC is valid for a specific period, typically two years, from the date of issue. After this period, a new inspection and testing are required to obtain a renewed certificate.

5. Transfer of Ownership:
When selling or transferring a property, the seller is required to provide a valid Certificate of Compliance to the buyer. If the COC is not available, the seller may need to rectify any electrical issues and obtain a new COC before the transfer can proceed.

6. Remedial Work:
If any electrical non-compliance issues are identified during the inspection, the electrician will list them in an Annexure, which accompanies the COC. The property owner is responsible for rectifying these issues within a specified period to obtain the COC.

7. Accredited Electricians:
Only qualified electricians who are registered with the Department of Employment and Labour are authorized to issue Certificates of Compliance.

Certificate of Compliance COC

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