The GoodWe 120kW 3-Phase Grid Tied Inverter, also known as the GW120K-HT, is a high-power string inverter designed for commercial and industrial (C&I) solar power installations.

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GoodWe 120kW Inverter

GoodWe 120kW 3-Phase Grid Tied Inverter, 12 MPPT AC + DC

GoodWe 120kW 3-Phase Grid Tied Inverter Datasheet


  • Converts 120kW of DC solar power into AC power for use on the grid.

Three-Phase Output:

  • Suitable for three-phase commercial power grids.

12 MPPTs (Maximum Power Point Trackers):

  • Optimizes power production from even complex solar panel layouts with varying sun exposure.
  • Allows for up to 24 solar strings to be connected (2 per MPPT).

High Efficiency:

  • Boasts a maximum efficiency of 98.6%, which means minimal energy loss during conversion.

Other Features:

  • Compatible with bifacial solar modules that capture sunlight from both sides.
  • Higher DC current threshold (Max. 15A per string) for better system flexibility.
  • Internal humidity detection for preventative maintenance.
  • PLC communication for easy system monitoring.


  • This inverter is ideal for large rooftop solar installations on commercial buildings, factories, and utility projects.


For more information on the GoodWe 120kW 3-Phase Grid Tied Inverter, you can refer to the GoodWe website: GoodWe HT Series Inverter

Additional information

Weight 98.5 kg
Dimensions 1008 × 678 × 343 mm