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Just to let you know, all prices displayed are estimates only. A final price will be provided after a site visit to the customer’s premises or designated installation area to make sure no additional equipment or labour is required. It is strongly advised not to purchase a kit solution before a site visit has been carried out.

The First Energy calculator provides an approximate monthly payment. The total payment includes the monthly payment, a one-time initiation fee of R1150, and a monthly administration fee of R62.

While all costs and financing instalments quoted were accurate at publication, they are subject to change without prior notice. The monthly repayments displayed here are estimates only and are used for illustrative purposes. They do not reflect the actual rate and financing you may qualify for, nor constitute confirmation of approval for financing. To finance your solar equipment, you must undergo an affordability assessment with First Energy’s finance partner. The figures quoted are not binding on First Energy in any way, and all Standard First Energy Credit Terms and Conditions will be applicable.

The electricity cost is based on an average cost per kWh for Time of Use metering as specified by local municipalities. The calculations assume a 10% annual increase in electricity costs, with seasonal increases not taken into account. Savings are based on optimised power demand from solar panels, ensuring that most generated electricity is utilised. A 10% degradation or loss factor is assumed due to panel placement and cable length variables. Yield calculations are based on expectations in the Western Cape and may vary by region. Savings do not include benefits from feeding power back into the grid, and Section 12B allowance benefits are not factored in.

The information provided is just a guide for your solar purchase from us. All monetary values for savings are indicative, and estimations are made based on all battery capacities per product specifications. This information is current at the time of issuing this proposal and is subject to change. Verifying and confirming all details before making your solar purchase is essential. First Energy Solutions (Pty) Ltd won’t be responsible for any losses or damages from the information above.