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First Energy Solar Solutions

First Energy Solar Solutions was established by Gavin Thompson in 2019 in response to the significant electricity crisis South Africa faces.

The company’s vision is to provide our customers with high-quality alternative power solutions to the traditional Eskom connection, thereby providing power security to private homes and business complexes.

The energy sector is challenging and demands a high degree of engineering skill and experience in dealing with South African challenges.

The First Energy team consists of experienced engineers, systems designers, project planners, and installers, which places us in a strong position to produce cost-effective systems that meet the customer’s needs.

Professionalism and Expertise

The First Energy team consists of consultants, engineers, project managers, competent installation teams, and COC sign-off specialists.

Our scientific approach enables us to hand over high-quality systems that have been engineered correctly and installed to the highest of standards ensuring the system lasts well past the manufacturer’s warranty period.  We pride ourselves to have a low staff turnover, which makes them some of the most experienced installers around. We offer in-house training and attend trade shows to keep up with the trends.

Solar Solutions South Africa Evolution

The rising energy cost and its reliability have forced both businesses and residents to relook at their energy use and supply. The trick to realising the financial benefits of solar is to invest in good quality equipment that is installed properly.

We select our products based on their efficiency and life expectancy. Your investment only makes sense if you can reap the benefits well over and above the payback period. A PV panel is only as good as the structure it is mounted on.

First Energy Solar Solutions Quality

First Energy’s focus has always been on the detail, from the types of crimps, UV resistant cables, to the types of roofing structures that are best suited for each type of roof. Heat tolerances, watertight mountings, and ISO installation standards are all front of mind when designing and installing.  We adhere to the manufacturer’s installation guidelines to ensure the products last well beyond the manufacturer’s warranties.

We only partner with importers who manage their stock levels well and offer excellent backup service because if they don’t perform we can’t perform.


Solar Systems (PV Panels, roof structures, cabling, inverters, batteries & other electrical components) come in different shapes and sizes, each manufacturer offers certain features that others do not, and these affect the prices.

We understand the pros & cons of each brand we sell which may or may not be necessary for your application.  The definition of an engineer is to produce the best solution for the best price. We are an engineering company.


We have an ongoing process of knowledge transfer and training for our team to equip them with the necessary skills to do the job as set out by the manufacturer’s warranties and T&Cs.

Our installation team work on a performance-based system.

Backup Service

PV panels must be cleaned regularly to ensure you get the maximum yield from your investment.

The performance is monitored remotely via the Internet. We offer SLA agreements to ensure your investments are doing their job to your expectations.


All Solar systems need to be registered with the council before installation and signed off by a professional who produces a certificate of compliance. We offer a full service for municipal compliance.


It is our goal to ensure customer satisfaction as well as an end product that we can be proud of.  We are passionate about producing systems that look neat.

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